Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard

Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard

Asus ROG Claymore II Wireless Keyboard

The day for which many gamers were waiting has arrived! Today, ASUS has finally launched various gaming products under the tag of ROG. One of the new ASUS’s products is the leading standardized RGB gaming keyboard named ROG Claymore II Wireless.

Detachable wireless keyboard

Like the best gaming keyboard alternatives out there, the Claymore II has RGB backlighting keys and its own ROG RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches. Unlike a regular gaming mouse, the ROG Claymore II has a lightly innovative design along with an excellent detachable substitute for Numpad keys.

It is the best news for those gamers who want to get rid of Numpad.
In Claymore II, you can easily detach Numpad that is from the central unit. And if you want it back, you can just easily put or attach it back with your keyboard. It’s one of the first keyboards providing you a possibility to get freedom from the extra set of buttons on the keyboard.

And because you can separate the Numpad, it provides you with a little more space on your desk. When you’re playing an intense game of the season, your mouse’s wrist movements need some additional space. All thanks to ASUS’s wireless gaming mouse. For gamers, it offers a magnetic wrist rest as well.

Premium internal features of ROG Claymore II Wireless

ASUS also launched its leading mechanical RGB wireless gaming keyboard with ROG RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches. These switches are organized so that they can offer advanced and versatile RGB illumination (located inside the keyboard panel).

Moreover, it also offers near to zero latency and the fastest click to action rate. That is why ASUS additionally ensures a One hundred million key press lifespan, and the keyboard comes with a detachable Numpad and magnetic wrist rest.

Asus ROG Claymore II connection types

Claymore II is such a versatile gaming keyboard that gives you two connection setup. One way to connect your keyboard with pc is by using wired USB-C, and the second one is 2.4GHz wireless connections.

Best battery life support

The long-lasting 4000mAh battery will provide you up to 40-hours of performance in one charge only. Simultaneously, the USB-C type link enables fast charging support while a cable has USB support on the other side, so you can easily attach it to your pc or other operating systems.
The keyboard arrives with wireless Aura Sync lighting, and it offers ROG RX Red Switches as well.

Let’s discuss Asus’ ROG RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches in details;

For the first time in ASUS’s history, as the company claimed, the Claymore II is its initial keyboard device to utilize internal ROG RX Blue Optical Mechanical Switches.

For instant activation of the key, ASUS says it provides the keys named as “near-zero debounce delay.”

Yet, we don’t have a confirmed price of the ROG Claymore II Wireless keyboard in the USA, but whatever the price will be, we will suggest you to must have this gaming keyboard on your desk.

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