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How To Fix Keyboard Key ?

How To Fix Keyboard Key?

How to fix a keyboard key is the topic of intense research. Different reasons brought the different problems of a keypad.
The cause may be a liquid material, dust particles, lake of cleaning, loss of any key, heat, software or hardware insensitivity, etc.


I am here to tell you about the fixation of these problems.
Let’s go for these fixations, one by one.

Check Input Settings

If your keyboard key is not working go, to “PC settings at once”. Because of the wrong settings, the keyboard may not work properly. This may be a key reason behind the key issue.

Reinstalling Keyboard Device

Go to reinstalling of keyboard drive. When the drive is not in working condition properly, then it may lead to failure of keyboard functions.

Change That Specific Key.

The other best solution is to change the key that is not working. By doing this, you can save the device and time.

Change Keyboard

Hey! You can change the keyboard of your device, which can save your laptop.

Restart The System

Some time due to software or hardware keyboard may not function properly way. The solution is to restart the system.

Check Language Settings

If language settings are different, then it may be a cause of the non-functional keyboard.

Remove Malware

Scan the system properly because due to malware, it may not work in the best way. Some malware may cause serious problems in device and damage software. This may be a leading cause of the non-functioning keyboard.

Quick Checks

Quickly check the system. It may help you in fixation of the problem with your laptop.
In short, proper cleaning after a specific time can save your keyboard and also can enhance its life. Due to dirt and hair, keyboard functions may get lost. So properly cleaning is the best option.


In this modern age problem with your keyboard is not a big issue as you know that there are many problems and solutions, accordingly. The only need is that you have to recognize the problem and fix it according to your need. That will save your time and money, both.





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