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How To Lock Keyboard

How To Lock Keyboard

Young teens and pets are always playing with PC comfort, which can be an excellent opportunity. However, it can hurt you. This setting can ruin big data on your PC or unknowingly change settings How To Lock Keyboard. These problems can be avoided by locking PC support to redirect troublesome botches in your hands or pets on your authentication.

Using the keyboard

A simple support system for comfort assurance is understandable with a Windows operating system. You can get comfort by pressing the “Windows” and “L” keys simultaneously.

Using the Shortcut Icon

You can encourage support by making a simple picture of the lesson. This can be tapped by right-clicking on the undisputed location in the workspace and selecting “New,” then “Backup action” and performing the “rundll32.exe user32.dll, LockWorkStation” field.

Using Command Prompt

PC authentication can be destroyed using application instructions. The luxury lock can be cleared by scrolling in the “Start” menu, then select “Run” (without reference) in the field. Complete the action by clicking “OK.”

Lock Windows Session

If your confirmation misses the marker on the “Windows” key, you can now comfort the comfort by pressing the “CTRL” + “Alt” + “Del” keys at the same time for several minutes. When the Windows Security window appears, select “Computer Lock.”

Youngster Key-Lock

Using Kid-Key-Lock, you can move your left mouse button, good grip, left collision, etc. You can select any combination you wish. 

There are a few options for lock authentication, for example, blasting structural mixes (ctrl, alt, win blends), shooting all the keys or key characters, etc. 

This is a flexible program, and you can turn it into the jolt you need, which is easy.


KeyFreeze does something special with just one thing. It jolts your confirmation and mouse. Right when you use KeyFreeze, you get a small window with one click. Right, when you click on this grip, you get a start, and all of that will confirm for about 5 seconds. To unlock, you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del and after that Esc.

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