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How To Unlock Touchpad On Laptop?

How To Unlock Touchpad On Laptop?

There is no more need for a traditional mouse in this modern age. The touch screen of the laptop is fully functional as a replacement for a mouse.

You can complete your work without the risk of the wrong movement of the cursor. Now, you can touch on the screen where you want to.

Accidentally, if you have locked the screen of your laptop, there is no need to worry about this. Unlocking the screen is not a tough task.

You do not need to go into the lock settings on your laptop. By pressing some keys, you can unlock the touch screen of your laptop.

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There is a way by which you can control the function by pressing one key on the keyboard, manufactured by the experts.

These one-touch keys are found on the far right or upper side of the keyboard.

for example, the brightness key for activation of the touchpad also presents on the keyboard. There is a need to recognize the key and activate the touch function of the laptop.

Normally, the key is present with the sign of touch on it, so that you can easily recognize that key.

When you touch the key on the laptop screen and swipe the lock sign to the right side, your laptop screen gets ready to use.

If the touch function on the screen is not activated,

there are command keys by which you can unlock the screen of your laptop. By using these specific keys, you can unlock your laptop screen.

There is an “Fn” key on the keyboard. It has a main function in controlling the different commands. By holding the “Fn” key along with other keys, you can make good use of these keys.

All these functions will be secondary.

Push the “Fn” key along with the touchpad key, and the function of touch will be activated on the laptop screen.


In the modern age, keyboard developers made some advanced keyboards in which the one-click commands are present.

You have needed to push the specific key, according to the commands you want.

The second way is to use the combined keys to activate the touch function of the laptop screen.


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