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keyboard button stuck


Keyboard Button Stuck

Keyboard Button Stuck is a problem that occurs due to various reasons. It mostly happens when the keyboard is dirty and unclean. Eventually, keyboard buttons get jam because of no more extended use of the keyboard. These are the most common issues that may lead to keyboard button sticking.

Reasons for sticking buttons

There are many reasons which cause a keyboard key to stuck,

  • When the keyboard is not used for a long time, it may let the user face button sticking issue.
  • It can occur because of the liquid material that let it moist.
  • The keyboard button stuck may also be introduced due to software errors or so. You have to refresh your software which can overcome keyboard button sticking.

Ways to fix the stuck buttons

When you are in a hurry and have to submit any project for our office, but, suddenly you realize that the keyboard buttons have stuck, that frustrates you. 

So, to overcome that issue, we have quick tips which would help you to solve these problems that can occur on any keyboard. 

Technique 1:

Shaking out the keyboard

First, the keyboard has to be unplugged. Then, turn it right towards down and point the main button upside to the floor. Afterwards, firmly shake the keyboard and clean all the dirt from its outer part. In the last, recheck the keyboard, to know if the keys have started work or not.

Technique 2:

Blow the Keyboard

A can of compressed air is needed to blow the dirt from the keyboard. First, turn off the computer, then use compressed air firmly to blow all the ground around every key of the keyboard. In the end, try if the keys are working correctly and no button has left stuck.


In short, the keyboard is an essential part of the PC used in all desktops. The keyboard is a susceptible part of a computer. If it gets damaged or any button gets stuck, then after the repair it won’t work as before. It needs weekly maintenance to avoid any problem.


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