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Keyboard Problems

Keyboard Problems

Sometimes,Keyboard Problems the laptop amasses with dirt and dust particles that coat the sides; and the undersides of the keys, leading to their blockage and left them with zero workings. 


Even the individuals who never nibble while utilizing their PC may discover this kind of issue.

The keyboard is a crucial connection between a PC user and the screen. On the off chance that the keyboard quits working suddenly, it does not mean that you have to replace it. Users can tackle some familiar keyboard issues.

Let us see some prominent keyboard problems and their quick fix.

1. Restart your PC

The abnormal working on the keyboard is a common issue faced by every user. So, whenever your keyboard is not working correctly, restarting the PC is very convenient and a quick method to solve this issue. 

First of all, open the start menu and click on the power button; after that, select the restart option to see if that issue is solved.

2. Remove entrapped dust particles

If the multiple keys get jammed, or a single key gets stuck then, dirt and debris are the likely cause. 

To solve this issue, but the keyboard right towards down and try to release the dust trapped in it. If this strategy does not pay, then you can use a source of compressed air to blow the air between the stuck buttons to release their dirt from inside.

3. Fix software

If your keyboard is not working due to a software issue, then here are a few steps to overcome this problem. 

  • At first, update your keyboard driver. 
  • Open Device Manager and find the option of the “keyboard.”
  • Click on Standard PS/2 Keyboard and update the driver. 
  • After the console update, check; if your keyboard is back to regular work. 


However, if the keyboard doesn’t start work, then delete the driver and reinstall it. 

4. Remove viruses

If your keyboard does not work, still; the last choice is to run the malware scan. The keyboard may not work due to various viruses. A malware scan is an ideal choice to get rid of it.


The computer keyboard often creates a problem for users, which needs to be solved accordingly. The developers have introduced the key for use, not for the problem.


They also provide you with a solution which helps to overcome many problems with a keyboard.


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