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 Keyboard Stopped Working

 Keyboard Stopped Working

The Keyboard is a significant component that makes a desktop, It’s the critical part of the desktop that we bought for a considerable amount, and when that Keyboard stopped working that glossy desktop of ours looks slightly meaningless. Why does this take place, and how do you stop your desktop keyboard from blundering? 

Here we display to you the most prevalent troubles and their clues.

 Keyboard Slow to Respond

If your Keyboard is functioning, if it lags then, the favourable element is that this is not a hardware issue.

It may be due to the accessibility feature “Filter Keys” that is, indeed, turned on. This may lead to the ignorance of brief keystrokes. The result is more comfortable typing for users who are suffering from hand tremors. An invaluable characteristic for some, but not to most.

Keyboard Not Working_ Fix Filter keys.

The non-functioning of the Keyboard could sometimes be due to the Filter keys.

To turn off Filter Keys:

  • Click the Start menu.
  • Settings cog icon -> Ease of Access. 
  • Click Keyboard in the pane on the left, then scroll down and make sure “Use Filter Keys” is set to “Off.”

 Keyboard Software Not Working

If your Keyboard isn’t working because of a software issue, then the first practical stuff to do is run a system file to scan, which will scan crucial Windows system files for errors, then repair any corruptions, if possible.

To do this,

  • Press the Win key, 
  • Enter “cmd” into the search box. When Command feed pop up in the results, click right on it and hit “Run as administrator.”

In the command section, enter “SFC /scan now” and let the process complete.

Reinstall Keyboard Driver

The keyboard dysfunction can sometimes prove to be the cause of the Keyboard Driver.

To fix this, you should:

  • Go to “Device Manager,” and scroll down and click Keyboards
  • If you encounter any exclamation sign through the default laptop keyboard, then it means, Windows has noticed an issue.
  • Right-click the Keyboard, click “Uninstall device,” then reboot your PC.


We expect that this cue will be able to assist you to revive your Keyboard. If your Keyboard lags anytime in the future or you could not get any joy with these fixes, you should get it repaired.

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