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Laptop Keyboard Locked

Laptop keyboard locked

The laptop keyboard gets locked many times. There may be various reasons behind this issue and depends on the particular condition.

You can say that different conditions and circumstances lead to different problems. We have discussed these reasons given below.

Reasons for keyboard lock

  • Dirt

It may be a common reason behind a keyboard locking. Dirt and hair lock the keyboard buttons permanently or temporarily depending on the exposure duration. Avoiding the dirt is the best option to go.

  • Hardware drive problem

If a hardware drive is bad, then it can cause a keyboard lock problem. This problem disturbs the normal functionality of the keyboard.

  • Bad connections and input settings

This problem often leads to the disability of the keyboard. Because of poor connections with CPU or other devices; the keyboard locked.

  • Some mechanical issues

Sometimes keyboard locked keys are pressed down by mistake; this often leads to locking of the keyboard. One must know the locking keys if he wants to avoid the mistake.

  • Remedies for a locked keyboard

After discussing the causes of keyboard locking now, we are going to discuss its remedies.

  • Clean properly

Cleaning the keypad is the major remedy that you can follow to avoid this issue.

  • Reinstall the keyboard driver

If the software is bad, then there is an urgent need for rebooting or reinstalling the keyboard driver.

  • Proper connections

If the connections are not proper, then you must properly connect the keyboard. This can lead to a solution to your problem.

  • Knowledge of unlocking keys

If you have locked your keyboard unknowingly, then you must know about unlocking keys to avoid any issue.

  • Restart the system

You must restart the system if your keyboard is locked. Sometimes when the system is not properly shut down, then some parts of your system lost their function.

  • Replacement

If the keyboard locked permanently, then you must replace your keypad with an external keyboard. This often leads to avoidance of worry about money and time.

  • Proper usage

You must properly use your devices. Any mishandling can cause a major problem with your laptop.


If the keyboard gets locked by any kind of mishandling or other causes, then there is a need of applying the best solutions according to conditions.

One must be aware of the problems that may happen and after this, one must go for the best possible solution.

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