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P Key Is Not Working

P Key Is Not Working

Every technology brings some technical problems with it, and we bring solutions to these problems. This time we have brought a solution to a very common problem which is called “P key is not working” by you.

Let us discuss some major causes and solutions to this issue.

Causes of P key working issue

There may a software issue where it can’t perceive the letter “P”. Ensure that you are utilizing the correct keyboard programming or chose the correct console language.

Your “P” key could be bound to some different option from “P.” Check your console or alternative setting to ensure that “P” is “P.”

How to fix P key which stops working

A Keyboard without working keys may appear to be a hit to profitability, yet it can be conceivable to fix.


If you are dealing with your PC and in the end, a few or no characters show up on your PC screen.

We are demonstrating to you how to fix it.

Fix Keyboard Keys Which Stop Working

This method can help you to fix your key,

  • Fast checking of your system
  • Tidy up the keyboard buttons
  • Restarting your PC system carefully
  • Changing a specific key button may be the right option.
  • Checking the area or language settings that may solve the problem
  • Changing keyboard input settings may be the right solution
  • Running a malware check gives you the best solution to your problem
  • Reinstall keyboard drivers may be the solution.

Replace the Keyboard: the last option

You should go for a new keyboard if the solutions given above fail to deliver the perfect solution.


You can continue your work without any interruption. It is a short investment that will save you time.

Final Words

The PC buttons may not work due to various reasons, but the actual important point is that you must choose the right option to fix the problem and in the right way, of course.

Sometimes, expert advice is needed, also; if no solution has been found for the “P” key button.

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