Keyboard Test Online Scholarship Program

Keyboard Test Online Scholarship Program

Keyboard Test Online Scholarship Program

The keyboard test online is helping the users to find the best solutions about the keyboard issues.


We know the power of words for the creative mind to exhibit their abilities. The keyboard test online is leading a scholarship program for the students.

With sports passion, including baseball, Football, Volleyball, or basketball, you can apply for the scholarship.

For undergraduate or postgraduate, it is an opportunity to avail of the chance for $500. You can receive the scholarship for your course materials or other resources.

However, you do not need any expertise to get the scholarship. You must have a passion for being creative enough.

You can have further details by contacting us.


How can you participate? 

To win the chance of $500 scholarship, you must follow the following steps:

Select your favorite sports and write small content relating to the topic. You can select the topic of the importance of sports in our daily life.

  • You must include the importance of sports as well as its utilization for our website.
  • You can also choose a wider topic relating to the use of computers in the modern era.
  • Furthermore, the student who has the best performance will get the scholarship program at about $500.
  • The writing should be creative.

Qualification and Creativity

The students who have currently enrolled in high school, colleges, or universities are eligible for the program.

Make sure that you have created a unique piece of content to be eligible. Also, your content must be convincing and thoughtful.

While your article is being tested, we will note several factors, including the creativity and information you have provided.

Make sure to produce a plagiarism-free content with maximum information inside.


How can I submit my application? 

To proceed for the scholarship program, create a word doc of 500 to 1000 words essay. Also, place any of your website’s link if you have any.

In the next step, you can contact us with the following details:

Attach your word file

Your personal details, including name, contact number, address, and mailing address.

The name of your educational institute

Your area of study

A picture of your current student card

Afterward, submit your writing. The team from the Keyboard test online will have a detailed review of your application.

You will get a notification via your mailing address if you are eligible for the scholarship or not.

For further queries and confusion left, you can contact our team for guidance.

How to Apply:

Send Us your essays at the following email: [email protected]



Our Deadline is 1st May, Annually.

The winner will be chosen after 15 days of the deadline and his/her university will be informed about his prize, we will also send the email to him also.

A cheque of $500 will be sent to your educational institute directly with your name. 


This scholarship program is annual. You can perform the same procedure next year as well.

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