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Some Keys On Keyboard Not Working

Some Keys On Keyboard Not Working

The keyboard is an essential and critical part of everyone who uses a personal or desktop computer. Some Keys On Keyboard Not Working This input device delivers you a fantastic service.


It is a fact that you may encounter some problems while using the keyboard. These issues may be of the mechanical type or other nature. We will discuss some prominent causes and fixes.

Factors behind not working keys

Before going to fix the keyboard keys, you need to know the nature of the problem. These issues may be following;

  • Dirt, debris, and hair surround the keys and let them jam. They do not allow access to delivering input efficiently.
  • Function keys may not work due to the lock of these keys in settings.
  • You may have a problem with the software that obstruct typing letters.

Fix the keyboard keys

Fixing the keys is not a very difficult task. You can follow one of the given tips according to the problem.

  • To remove the debris and hair, uninstall the keys and clean the keyboard with a soft cloth. Alternatively, you can use compressed air to clean it thoroughly. After you have done, check the tickets working. Go for the other tips if your keyboard is not working, still.
  • Function keys may not work due to the Function keys (F keys) lock. Toggle them and let the keys work.
  • Letters may not type due to software problems other than physical (that can be solved by simple cleaning). To fix this, search “Device Manager” and hit “keyboard.” Uninstall it by right-clicking. Restart the PC and let it install the driver automatically.
  • If your keyboard is not working, still, then we recommend you to use another external keyboard. Alternatively, you can go for an on-screen keyboard, but it is slow to use.

Final words

PC or laptop may suffer hardware problems, and it is a prevalent issue. Resolving them is not a big deal, but you should know how to fix them. Every time your keyboard keys suffer, locate the problem first, and then go for a fix.


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