Computer Keyboard Not Working?

Malfunctioning in computer parts is frequent these days. You might face problems in Touchpad, mouse speakers, or technical issues that might come your way. If your computer keyboard is not working correctly, you can try tricks to get the critical working back perfectly. 

This might solve your problems, or you can get a better solution for the future. Let’s have a glance so that you can make your computer error-free.

Computer Keyboard Not Working?

Computer Keyboard Not Working?

Firstly restart your device.


After finding such issues, your first preference should be restarting your computer. This is a quick, easy, and efficient way to get rid of the problem. The question that might arise in your mind is, how should I turn off my device without the use of function keys? 

There is an easy solution for this; you can simply press the power button and hold it for 10 seconds. Yah computer will shut down. 

To start the computer again, simply hold the power button for a few seconds. You can use the same solution in case you find problems in your Touchpad or mouse.

There might be some hardware issues, as well. 

If your issue is not resolved with this solution, you can go with hardware replacement. 

To check the hardware issues, you can go for the connection check-up. Make sure that the USB or wireless keyboard has been appropriately plugged in place. You check the keyboard power switch button to satisfy yourself. 

In the next step, you can check the batteries and wireless adapter in the case of the wireless keyboard. You can change them as well. The USB hub can also cause issues while. 

On the other hand, if the keyboard is not wireless, you can get the lid down and shake the laptop gently. If it is not working, take the keypad out and clean the dust below. Simply blow under the keyboard or use compressed gas for a better option.

If it is a Software issue?

In case you do not find any hardware issues, you can try the software solutions. 

Go to the device manager using your mouse or Touchpad and update the drivers. 

Search for the keyboard option, open up the list, and click the right button on the “Standard PS/2 keyboard.” Update it; if it works, you are done! 

If the issue persists, delete and reinstall the driver to check the final results. 

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