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Keyboard Button Now Working ?

Keyboard Button Not Working?

Some people complain that their keyboard buttons are not working. It is a very common problem that every laptop or PC user encounters with. Here we will discuss this problem.


There are many reasons behind zero working the keypad buttons. Let’s discuss them one by one.

  • Dust is the main factor that disturbs the normal functioning of the keyboard buttons. These dust particles penetrate to the bottom of a button and cause their malfunctioning.
  • Hair also disturbs the regular service of the keyboard buttons.
  • Liquid effects the functionality of keyboard buttons, for example, milk, tea, juice, and water. These can damage the inward circuit of the keyboard and let it do not work.
  • Cleaning of keyboard buttons, if not properly carried out, may cause the malfunctioning of the keyboard buttons.
  • The use of the keyboard after a long time causes the loss of buttons.


Don’t worry about this problem. It is not the end of your keyboard. Many solutions can save your keyboard life. Let’s start it.

  • Proper cleaning of keyboard buttons can prevent it from damaging. Saving the keyboard from dust and debris can save it.
  • Replacement of the defective keys is another best option for your expensive keyboard. It can save your keyboard in the best way.
  • One best solution is that you must properly turn off the computer. If you do not properly turn it off, your hardware or software doesn’t respond properly.
  • You can also remove the battery of your laptop and fix it properly. It could be a solution to your problem.

Oh! Wait for a minute.

If your keys are not working correctly, then just restart your computer. We hope it will work efficiently. Sometimes the keyboard buttons do not work correctly due to hardware or software problems. So, it may be an easy solution, among others.


People encounter different problems in different situations. The main thing is that you have to diagnose the problem and choose the solution which is perfect for your system. It can save time and money. Sometimes people do not understand the problem that can lead to difficult situations. So you can choose the solution according to the issue you are facing with your computer or laptop.

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